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For IT Companies
Get instant access to experienced professionals for your IT business. Coomb offers you IT management consulting as a service, geared to your needs in the EMEA region.
For SMB and Enterprise
Drive operational excellence while saving costs on your IT budget. Get more out of existing systems through Business Process Optimization. Let IT become your strategic enabler!
Connect through RefXL
Our open IT reference platform RefXL offers IT companies broad exposure, while SMB's and Enterprises gain free access to those IT solutions that solved real business challenges.
Why Coomb?
Coomb was founded in 2003 and has grown into a high end IT management consulting and investment firm. By means of The IT Business Network®, a network of experienced IT professionals, we are able to source the right expertise for your assignment. We are quick to the core of the problem, no unnecessary time expenditure, no thick reports, no unconsidered advice, instead we offer tangible and pragmatic solutions. The success of Coomb is based on a strong foundation of client focused advice. The advise and offered solutions are of high quality, creative and target oriented; even when facing complex challenges.
Enabling Digital Transformation
We are being recognized by our customers as professionals that oversee full company and people impact of the plan proposed. With that we drive real tangible change. We act on our responsibilities, drive excellence and are not afraid to speak up when confronted with challenges.
We bring Creativity
Original, well thought out ideas and innovative solutions. We have done assignments for both suppliers and users/customers of IT solutions. On premise as well as connected to or in the Cloud.
Our Independence
Objective and independent, connecting both sides: Our open platform RefXL informs SMB's and Enterprises about proven solutions from 100's of IT companies, on equal grounds.
We have an Integrated Approach
Integration of advice, developing and implementing a plan, offering tangible solutions, . Closing the loop between supplier and buyer with IT Management insights.
We build Lasting Relationships
Delivering value on the clients core activities, as it is essential for the adoption of change and the organizational success.



IT Management Consultancy

We deliver Interim Management Consultancy. We are pragmatic and deliver tangible results from everything we do or advise. Most of our customers prefer a subscription at the base of our cooperation as time & availability should not be leading the plan, but the ROI of the plan should determine the Who, What, Where, When and Why. We like change, challenging goals and disruptive ideas, with focus on the goal. We are flexible, involved, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile. In practice Coomb brings expertise as a service, to be used flexible, at a jointly determined fixed monthly rate. Our core competencies are used at both the supplier and customer side of the IT world:

  • We help IT suppliers expand in EMEA, setting up and structuring their organizations, sharpening their solutions and develop a successful business
  • Through our long experience and broad view of the IT market, we help SMB’s and Enterprises to use IT to the full extend as their competitive advantage. We have supported several companies with their Digital Transformation; From driving operational excellence in the IT department to doing Business Process Optimization and bringing innovative ideas to life.

We can scale up through our network and are able to bring you cost savings short term. Adjacent areas can be sourced through our alliances. Coomb gained real life experience in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, the Nordics, the UK and North America. So when you ask yourself the question: Who can Cooperate on my business? Think Coomb!

for IT Companies

Cloud computing and subscription charging are here to stay. Cost effective for customers and responsible for the largest growth numbers for IT suppliers that embraced it. But how do you get there? Do you want to get there? What does your decision mean for your business model, your solution offered, revenue streams and organization structure? Are your customers ready and willing to change as well? Is your focus on customer success as well? As with the cloud customer satisfaction and loyalty has never been as important as it is now. With the competition only “one click away” and social media as communication channel, loyal and happy customers are crucial!

Coomb offers practical, 360 degrees no non-sense advise and insights for IT companies. We delivered tangible ROI to IT companies in the EMEA region around the following topics:

  • To Cloud or Not to cloud, are your customers ready?
  • New or existing markets and products?
  • Direct or channels?
  • Change and Business model impact
  • Organizational change and reward models
  • Business process optimization and integration
  • How to setup a customer success organization
  • The in-source or outsource decision
  • Transformation from “ticket based support” to focused business impact
  • How to define and measure on Key Performance Indicators
  • Lowering Churn, what does it take…
  • How to close the loop from services to sales

Call or e-mail us for a free assessment on how we can help take your business to the next level!

for SMB's and Enterprises

Through our long experience and broad view of the IT market, we help SMB’s and Enterprises to use IT to the full extend as their competitive advantage. We see IT as an enabler with return on investment, not as a cost line in the overall budget. We help you shape the main pillars of success for your Digital Transformation:

  • How can IT support or even lead in achieving operational excellence. With that achieving considerable cost savings, delivering customer satisfaction and productivity. Are you using the right IT solutions as offered in the market today? Is IT a capital expense or should it become an operational expense? We have achieved some staggering results in a little as days.
  • Is your whole organization benefitting from the IT solutions in place? For Business Process Optimization purposes we streamline the communication internally though savvy IT solutions. Whether the ROI comes from an “off the shelve” IT solution or is custom build, we guide you through the process from A to Z.
  • By having IT accelerate your innovation we are driving the ultimate goal. Get ahead of your competition through for example demand cycle integration. Use the Internet of Things to gather data and make better business decisions. The possibilities are endless. Coomb helps to find your way to quick results and ROI.

Call or e-mail us for a free assessment on how we can help take your business to the next level!

through SMART Project Management

When driving change or initiating new concepts an ideas, you need a process to keep control, drive progress and make sure you deliver on-time and within budget. We see our SMART project management as that process, not as a role. Together we will define the way to nurture the project from beginning to end. Making it Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. Our steps include:

  • Defining and structuring your idea (and be ready to be challenged…)
  • Driving the business assessment
  • Plotting the project charter and defining the master document(s) – Milestones/Team efforts/Individual tasks
  • Pragmatic execution with regular assessments and scope evaluation
  • Reviewing and revising if needed
  • Triggering the organization and embedding/transferring knowledge
  • Summarizing achievements regularly

Our experienced professionals will help you drive success!

Connect Free of Charge

For SMB’s and Enterprises:

  • As IT decision maker you have free access to the online database of proven solutions: Search through thousands of references to find out what IT suppliers have delivered in the market. We have online chat capabilities to guide you to the right solutions if needed.
  • Interested in a more in-depth discussion? We offer a free connect where we have supported several SMB’s and Enterprises on multiple challenges, ranging from software and hardware consolidation to outsourcing, insights in specific market to OEM solutions. We make sure you get connected to the right people.

For IT Companies:

  • As supplier of IT solutions you are able to post and link your references to, the largest reference database of IT solutions of its kind. We offer the free subscription at RefXL so that all IT Companies can showcase their proven solutions on equal grounds.
  • Are you looking for guidance on new developments? Having sales or services challenges? Looking for new markets or thinking about cloud transition? These are some of the topics we have covered in a free connect where we get deeper into your specific challenges, and determine how we can connect you to the solution.

Coomb: +31 10 521 4750 |

Driving and exceeding sales targets (SMB) through channels, integrating Services (Customer and Partner Succes) in SMB segment

Leading WW software vendor – Amsterdam area, the Netherlands

Leading WW software vendor – Amsterdam area, the Netherlands

Setting up Professional Services organization (training and consulting) in the Netherlands, including KPI’s, hiring/firing and target setting.

Leading Database Vendor – Center of the Netherlands & Boston area (USA)

Leading Database Vendor – Center of the Netherlands & Boston area (USA)

Leading the expansion of Belgium based Benelux office into the Netherlands. Full coverage from housing to local marketing, sales and support organization. Closing of largest deal of company within first year.

Software development and tools company – Brussels & South of the Netherlands

Software development and tools company – Brussels & South of the Netherlands

Restructuring of Sales and Services organization, while maintaining revenue goals and P&L

Leading German ISV in digital business platforms – Centre of the Netherlands

Leading German ISV in digital business platforms – Centre of the Netherlands

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Almost on a daily basis consultants from Coomb encounter lost opportunities in the IT Industry:

  • Customers that could increase their return on investment when using the right solutions from IT partners
  • Partners that have these great offerings, but are not seen, known or heard
  • All too often IT projects are going over time, budget or even worst, are being ended completely

Especially in the fast pace world of Cloud Computing, we saw the need for, an independent, open and structured platform for IT partners to showcase their great solutions. Solutions that are delivered, where customers are satisfied and free searchable for anyone visiting, without annoying registrations.

RefXL is that platform, available now in the Netherlands, with other countries to follow. Interested in what RefXL can mean for you as IT company/supplier? Want to become a member? Go to RefXL (in Dutch), or scroll down for an overview of the subscriptions possibilities and key figures.

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access to RefXL
Free of Charge
  • Single user access to the Partner Section
  • Maintain and post up to 25 references
  • Add keywords where needed
  • Customer confirmed references show on top!
  • Display of Company Logo


value and insights
€ 29,95
per month (excl. VAT)
  • All of the Free subscription, plus:
  • Post up to 50 references
  • Enhanced reference ordering
  • Direct contact from visitors of RefXL
  • Quarterly reports & insights


for unlimited use
€ 49,95
per month (excl. VAT)
  • All of the Business subscription, plus:
  • UNLIMITED posting of references

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